Others are Talking About Bob…

Since attending, Bob’s Mastermind Group, I have been much more confident…and I’m able to handle things and situations that intimidated me before his class. Since his class I have been a much more effective leader and have had a lot of positive feedback in regards to things I have changed.

I was invited to be a part of a 6 week training course with Bob Groves. The training exceeded my expectations and helped me to grow in confidence to succeed in my business. I have been able to step out of my comfort zone and do many things I let fear keep me from. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to be under Bob’s teaching. He naturally motivates you to move past your fears and take a leap of faith and get the job done!

I am a senior-level administrator at Old Dominion University.  While I have been in leadership roles for many, many years, I consistently assess impact, effectiveness, and seek opportunities for leadership growth.

I recently completed several courses from Bob Groves, John Maxwell Team member. Each session reinforced core values and my belief in the importance of Emotional Intelligence, which sometimes gets lost in the Higher Education field.

Bob helped me successfully navigate through staff challenges and to better identify social cues to establish a common ground.

As a result of his teaching I feel more confident in conflict resolution and the ability to guide and inspire others; ability to diffuse difficult situations using persuasion and negation skills; better understand what motivates my staff by using an exercise in class—professional growth plan.

Bob’s excellent facilitation skills led to substantial personal and professional reflection and growth.

“Today helped me reflect and think creatively on my professional, personal and spiritual goals from a new perspective.”

“Bob does a great job… in his own personal and motivating style. A born leader himself, Bob’s natural way of connecting with others and genuine and often humorous delivery makes for a fun and inspiring day. I’m looking forward to many more opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Thank you for bringing this dynamic training to our area. It’s much needed and appreciated!! I’m excited about the future!!”

Thanks again for…offering such a priceless resource.

It went by too fast I could have spent all day listening to you teach.

The class was… right on track with what so many business owners feel, but don’t know how to start doing…

I’m excited to see what you have coming up!  I will certainly recommend some of our friends to attend your next session…

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